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Maintenance plans

If you have purchased a maintenance plan and need access to download the latest version on any software offered please contact us with your order number or email address you used when you placed your order. Upon validation you will be sent a download link with instructions on how to proceed. 

Software information

Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Design (ACHex)
Shell and tube condenser design (CnD)
Shell and tube heat exchanger design (S&THex)
Double pipe heat exchanger design (DHex)
Helical coil heat exchanger design (HCHex)
Gasketed plate heat exchanger design (PHex)
Kettle reboiler design (KRD)
Relief valve calculator (RV)
Orifice design calculator (OrD)
Process engineering calculator (PEngCalc)
Physical properties estimation database (PhysProps)
PhysPro fluid properties (PhysPro)
Quick process and instrumentation diagram (Quick P&ID)
Software information leaflets